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- Forum Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. But many people do it the wrong way and irritate forum members with their useless posts. If it is done correctly, you will surely make real money online without fail! Let me share to you the CORRECT way of forum marketing. First is choosing your niche, second is by choosing your product, third is by choosing the forums to market on, fourth is by creating your signature, and fifth is by knowing how to post.

Let's go through these ways one by one. First is by choosing your niche. You've got to select a niche that has hungry buyers because these buyers are willing to pay just to get their problems fixed. But I strongly recommend that you select your niche that isn't flooded with marketers. Second is choosing your product. You should consider the price, for most of the forum members are not looking for something to buy. You should price it with the minimum amount. Then make your product attractive yet professional and also convincing to the customers.

Third is to choose forums to market on. Look for forums that are active, allow promotional signatures with live link, and not saturated with other marketers for your signature might be ignored. Fourth, create a signature that would stand out. It is very important to read the forum rules first before creating your signature to avoid getting the wrong impression of being a spammer. And the last way of correct forum marketing is by knowing how to post. Your post should be helpful by talking intelligently about it. Let your signature do the selling! Make your actual post helpful and informative. Also, try to respond to at least a dozen posts per day and respond early so you'll not get mixed up and less people will notice it.


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